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Point of Sales (POS) System

Point of Sale (POS) for Businesses

Manage your shop or business by keeping track of products, customers, orders, transactions, and sales.

Features & Benefits

Variety of Products
No matter what you are selling, you can manage your store with our POS: food, clothing, gadgets, etc.
Multiple Locations
One POS software for your multiple outlets or locations.
Multiple Cashiers
Multiple cashiers can be created and assigned to different outlets or locations.
Multiple Devices
Our POS software can be installed on desktops, tablets and mobile phones as an app.
Online & Offline Modes
Our POS software can be used online. It can also be used offline, without internet.
Unlimited Listings
It can handle unlimited number of products, outlets, orders, customers, transactions, etc.
Barcodes are generated automatically when you add products. The barcodes can be printed easily.
Multiple Payments
Our POS software can handle split or multiple payment methods: cash, mobile money, cards, etc.
Our POS software can print sales inovice/receipt for all orders made.
Daily statistics on your store outlets can be viewed: Open Cash Drawer, Cash Sale, Total Sale, etc.
Point of Sales (POS) System Software

Supported Businesses

The POS system is perfect for retailers, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, restaurants, pubs, bars, salons, clothing stores and all manner of shops.

POS Screenshots

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