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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Drive more traffic to your website by increasing your site ranking and visibility on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Why SEO?

When people go online to find a product, a service, or a company, they start with a search. Research shows that around 93% of online searches comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. The problem is, with almost as many websites as people on earth, getting found is increasingly becoming difficult, and that's what SEO seeks to address. With SEO, you can increase your website ranking in search engines. Higher page rankings drive more traffic to your website, and the more traffic you get, the more people, who are looking for the products and services you offer, would find you. Below are the strategies we use to increase your site ranking and visibility:

SEO Audit

We evaluate various elements of your website (content, structure and code) that prevent your website from performing well in search engines and outline ways to address them.


Keyword Research

We research top keywords related to your business and industry, that is, the possible words people would type in search engines when looking for your products or services.


Competitor Research

We research top businesses like yours online with similar products and services who are competing for the same keywords and potential customers as your business.

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Quality Content

We create or optimize your content to target top-performing keywords in your industry so that when people type in those keywords in search engines, your website will appear.


On-Page SEO

We add keyword-based URLs, title tags, description tags, image alt tags, etc on your site pages in order for search engines to easily understand your page content, index it and make it easier to find.


Off-Page SEO (Backlinks)

Creating high quality and original content will influence others to link back to your website. The more people link to your website, the higher your site increases in authority in search engines.

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Technical SEO

We focus on improving your site back-end architecture to improve your site loading speed, mobile-responsiveness, etc. Your site's user experience directly or indirectly affects your site ranking in search engines.


Google My Business

We list your business on Google's listing site to make it easy for local customers to discover, learn about, and contact your business.


SEO Reporting

We use various tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Page Speed Insights, etc to measure, analyze and optimize your site traffic and performance.

Happy Clients

What clients are saying
LugiWeb executes tasks with immense integrity and respect for timelines. The company is pro at working through a solution with you so that the service provided suits your taste and purpose. I highly recommend LugiWeb for website development, hosting and ancillary works.
Mr. Louis Adu-Amoah
Mr. Louis Adu-Amoah
Research Fellow - KCCR
It has been amazing working with LugiWeb. They built an amazing website for my team. Looking forward to the next project with them.
Dr. Joseph Bonnie
Dr. Joseph Bonnie
Emergency Medicine Specialist - KATH
Excellent customer relations and always satisfied with timelines for delivery.
Sidney Jojo Hewton
Sidney Jojo Hewton
CEO - SJH Micro-Credit
LugiWeb understands what it means to deliver to demanding clients with international focus. Their patience, attention to detail and high level of availability make them my preferred web agency.
Dr. John Amuasi
Dr. John Amuasi
Executive Director - ARNTD

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